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C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft. It’s perfect for developing a wide range of applications on the .NET platform, another Microsoft product. Both skills are in demand and can be hard to find. That means you need the right recruitment strategy to secure the right talent.

Although C# and .NET are two different things, they are frequently combined because C# is dependent on the .NET framework. However, contrary to what some IT Recruiters seem to think, C#/.NET are not inseparable. Unfortunately, many recruiters are experts at interviewing but lack in depth IT knowledge. Although C# is dependent on .NET, a developer can have .NET experience without knowing C#. In fact, .NET supports 11 different Microsoft languages alone!

If a recruiter fails to understand the basics, how can they find you the right talent? You need an agency that understands your technical requirements and can source the skills you need. That agency is HWSelect. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise, so all our recruiters undertake regular IT training to keep up with technology. We believe in investing in our staff, so they have the right skills to find your staff.

Choosing The Right Recruiter

Would you outsource a C#/.NET project to a development company without checking their C#/.NET skills? No, so why outsource your IT Recruitment without checking an agencies C#/.NET knowledge? Recruitment is a specialisation that is well worth outsourcing. But, to get the best results, you need to outsource to the right agency. HWSelect is an agency you can trust to source the C#/.NET professionals you need. Our experienced recruiters understand the differences between web-based, mobile and desktop application development. We know .NET is not the same as .NET Core and that .NET developers should know MVC, ASP.NET or Entity Frameworks.

Best C#/.Net Network

HWSelect is an IT Recruitment Specialist with a proven track record in C#/.NET recruitment. Our staff not only have solid technical knowledge but also build strong industry networks. We know what makes developers tick and we know where to find the best talent. Strong .NET developers aren’t browsing roles on job boards. That’s why we network and maintain our industry connections.

Finding C#/.Net Talent

Knowing the technology you are recruiting for is one thing. Knowing which technologies and which versions of a technology are interchangeable is another. Screening .NET Developers by resume alone can lead you to overlook talent. Some aspects of .NET are so fundamental developers don’t list them as a skill. As a result, if your chosen agency screens by check listing skills, the best candidate might not make the shortlist! Our recruiters know EF is the same as ADO.NET Entity Framework and that SOA and WCF are interchangeable. It’s often the case that candidates that appear lacking on paper are perfect in practice. However, it takes a certain level of technical knowledge to be able to identify those candidates.

So, if you are looking to recruit C#/.NET talent for your next project, contact an IT Recruitment Agency you can trust. The experienced team at HWSelect are happy to discuss your C#/.NET requirements. Contact us today and experience the difference.

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