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In today’s evolving digital world, almost anything can be purchased online, including paraphrasing services. If you are in a rush to complete your academic work, or if you can’t bear the thought of rewriting your document, line-by-line, based on your recent Turn it in report, using a paraphrasing service may be an option to consider.

However, even though paraphrasing services are affordable and readily available, developing the ability to paraphrase a piece of text quickly, effectively, and fluently is considered one of the most worthwhile skills to develop as a writer. If you have trouble with paraphrasing now and dislike doing it, you will be surprised at the diverse benefits of investing the time in becoming a good paraphraser.

Paraphrasing isn’t just useful in written work

Although paraphrasing is most commonly thought of in the context of university essays and research articles, having a strong ability to paraphrase is a worthwhile skill in day-to-day spoken communication. Whether you are in a formal or casual meeting, you will often find it necessary to explain something that you have heard another person say. Even if you could use the exact words that they did, it would sound strange and unnatural if you did. Therefore, if you are a fluent and effective paraphraser, it will pay dividends in situations like this.

Paraphrasing improves your vocabulary

Paraphrasing involves rewriting a piece of text (or restating something that another person said) using the same meaning but different words and a different structure. For this reason, one of the basic techniques and paraphrasing is to swap words in the original text or spoken statement with synonymous words. If you develop the skill of paraphrasing to the point where you can do it quickly and effectively, which takes time and extensive practice, you will – as a side effect – have substantially increased your vocabulary, as well as your ability to use it.

Paraphrasing can help you meet strict word counts

If you’ve ever written an essay for a journal or a university, or if you’re working with stakeholders who simply don’t have the time to read lengthy documents, paraphrasing your own work – as long as you can do it effectively – can be a great way to cut down on the word count without sacrificing any detail, clarity, or meaning. Paraphrasing certainly begins to look like a worthwhile skill to develop with this in mind.

Paraphrasing helps you understand new ideas

Whenever you encounter a new idea or concept, it is well-known that explaining it in your own words can help you understand and remember it much more effectively. The practice of restating a newly learned concept in one’s own words is the cornerstone of the so-called Feynman technique, developed by the American theoretical physicist Richard Feynman. With this in mind, forgoing your next Proofreading service in favour of paraphrasing a piece of text yourself may be looking more attractive, especially if you have some time on your hands, and understand the importance of paraphrasing.

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