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Proofreading services

Given the proliferation of digital and network technologies such as the Internet today, there is an abundance of writing-related services to choose from. Two of the most popular services that you can order online – as of 2021 – are proofreading and rewriting services.

If you have never used a rewriting service or a proofreading service before, it is well worth your time to learn more about these increasingly popular services. Each one suits a different use case, but in your academic or professional career, both use cases are likely to arise.


A rewriting service, or paraphrasing service, is used to express a piece of text using different words. That is to say, if you send a phrase, sentence, or paragraph to a professional rewriter or paraphraser, you will receive in return a new document that has the same meaning as the original piece of text, but which is expressed using new words.


A proofreading services is used to correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors in the final draft of the document. Proofreaders find difficult-to-spot mistakes in a piece of writing that the author and even most readers are likely to overlook. In some cases, proofreaders will address issues like structure, style, and tone, but so-called “editing services” are used more commonly to resolve these in-depth issues.

Proofreading services

Which one is right for you?

Once you’ve looked at the above descriptions of rewriting services and proofreading services, it is likely that one or the other will immediately capture your interest as the one that is the best fit for your current needs. However, if you are still unsure, and particularly if you have never used either of these services before, there are some general considerations to bear in mind that will help you decide which one is right for you.

First of all, if you are not concerned about plagiarism and, instead, your aim is to remove every error from your document, hiring a proofreader is the natural option. Although your document, after a rewriter or paraphraser has worked on it, would not contain any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors, it would also be transformed. This is due to the nature of the rewriting process, and it is certainly to be avoided if you are happy with the current state of your written work apart from its potential errors.

The next major way you can choose whether to work with a professional rewriter or a professional proofreader is to consider the main use cases of rewriting or paraphrasing. Working with a rewriter is valuable if you need one or both of the following: removing plagiarism from your document or gaining a clearer understanding of a piece of text. If your aim is either one of these, a proofreading service will be of little use, but working with a rewriter will allow you to achieve exactly the impact you want and your hard-work deserves.

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