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Paraphrasing services are becoming increasingly popular among authors who want to remove direct plagiarism from their work. However, if you have been tasked with a research project or an assignment to write any type of document, using a paraphrasing service can also help you in other ways. In particular, you can use these offered services to write important documents, especially literature reviews, very quickly.

Paraphrasing services

Although a paraphrasing & proofreading service can be extremely useful depending on the task at hand, the process of paraphrasing a piece of text is complex and time-consuming. For this reason, unless you feel you can paraphrase your document on your own, it is necessary to find a trained, knowledgeable, and careful professional. With the availability of the Internet, it is not tremendously difficult to find such a person, but hiring them may not be judged as affordable.

For this reason, the purpose of this article is to explain how paraphrasing can be undertaken effectively. If you have ever tried to paraphrase a piece of text – even a small phrase or sentence – yourself, you will know from experience that it is often difficult to know where to begin, let alone how to ensure the final product is good and easy to read. Hopefully, this article will offer some practical advice, allowing you to paraphrase like the pros.

1. Choose the right starting point

Whether you are trying to paraphrase something small, such as a sentence, or something large, such as a paragraph, an important strategy is to choose the right starting point.

What this means is that the way your paraphrased sentence or paragraph starts should be different compared to the original source.

Consider an original source that contains key pieces of information – for example, a contextual statement and a factual statistic – presented in a particular order.

In your paraphrased version, simply reverse the order of the contextual statement and the factual statistic and, immediately, you will reduce the similarity between the two versions. 

2. Use synonyms wherever possible

Proofreading services

A synonym is a word or a phrase that has the same meaning as another word or phrase. If you want to paraphrase a piece of text, use synonyms wherever you can, but do not go overboard.

For example, technical terminologies in a scientific article should not be exchanged with other terms to increase the dissimilarity between the paraphrased text and the original source.

If you are having difficulties thinking of reasonable synonyms, find a thesaurus! Many good ones are available online and you are sure to find them indispensable while paraphrasing.

3. Increase or decrease the number of sentences

For paraphrasing tasks that involve rewriting a piece of text that is longer than a single sentence, one of the best strategies to decrease the similarity level is to break the information into different sentences. Similarly, if information in the original source is separated over multiple sentences, you might consider merging it all into one sentence. If you opt for the latter, make sure your sentence doesn’t become too long! The value of using a paraphrasing service provider should always be considered when presenting your valued work.

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