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IT Recruitment agency

So you’ve got a job vacancy to fill but aren’t having much luck with your online advertising. Things are getting critical, so you decide to use an IT Recruitment Agency for the first time. Where do you begin? How do you make sure you get what you need? Here’s a quick guide to help you engage with confidence and achieve a positive outcome.

Choosing An Agency

IT Recruitment agency

When you have an IT related vacancy, it’s best to use an IT Recruitment Agency. You need a consultant that understands the technical requirements and can screen candidates accordingly.

The same logic applies if you have a niche requirement.  Particularity if you’ve already struggled to advertise directly. A niche recruiter has the same recruitment skills, but because they focus on a core skill set, the chances of success are far higher. Not only are they very knowledgeable about resource availability and rates, but they have extensive industry networks in the niche area. SAP is a prime example. If you require an SAP Consultant, a dedicated SAP recruiter will get to grips with your requirement faster and deliver better results.

What To Expect

Every IT Recruitment Agency works slightly differently, so it’s vital to discuss your recruitment needs and how an agency anticipates meeting them. Typically an agency will discuss the role with you, confirm skills and then search their database for suitable candidates. They will also run online job ads and leverage their network to find eligible passive candidates. Once there is a range of candidates, the screening process begins. Initial screening will confirm skills sets, availability, salary or rate expectations and interest levels. Your consultant will draw up a shortlist for further, in-depth interviews and perform references checks. Finally, they will submit a shortlist of qualified candidates for you to review and provide feedback. You can then have your consultant arrange interviews or go back to the drawing board.

Choosing A Service

Most IT Recruitment Agencies will clearly state their service offering on their website and will handle contract and permanent recruitment. Some will also offer additional services like Retained Recruitment, Executive Search and Selection and International Recruitment.

Senior roles, such as IT Director and IT Manager, are best handled by an agency with an Executive Search and Selection team. The service will usually cost more than standard recruitment. However, it’s worth the extra investment to limit the risk and ensure you get the right person.

Fee Structure

All Agencies charge a fee for their services. It’s only natural; they need to pay bills too. Generally, you can expect to pay a set percentage of the salary for a permanent hire or contract rate for a contractor. However, some agencies do use fixed fees instead. Pay close attention to the pricing structure to avoid nasty surprises when the invoice hits your desk!

Suppose you expect to have a high number of vacancies in a 3-6 month period. In that instance, you may be able to negotiate a better deal based on high placement numbers.

Build A Relationship

To get the best results for current requirements and future vacancies, you must build a strong relationship with your recruiter. Try to share as much information as possible with your recruiter. A full job description is a must. Additionally, any background information will be invaluable to a recruiter when talking to candidates. Expect a Recruitment Consultant to keep you updated on their progress and stick to any deadlines. Likewise, you should provide timely feedback on any candidates and subsequent interviews.

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